Frequently asked Questions:
What makes you different from other healthcare management companies?
  SFH Care is run by a qualified professional doctor who can understand the exact item which is sourced for you, this gives our company an edge over competitors.
Why should I choose SFH Care?
  Our company takes responsibility for every action it takes and is a reliable option to choose. We will do our best to address all your sourcing needs.
Can I rely on the quality of your services?
  Yes, we only source the best for you, all our suppliers have relevant ISO certification. We will never compromise on quality.
Who needs SFH Care’s services?
  • Doctors opening new clinics
  • Clinics sourcing new equipment
  • Hospitals
  • Community organizations
  • Any other medical organization which requires our sourcing network (ok?)
What is the best way to contact you?
  Please add Phone and email details here
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